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IPMA Level D Agile Associate

Certified Agile Associate IPMA Level D (course in english)

IPMA Level D Agile project management training

The IPMA Level D Agile course with basics, exam preparation and exam is based on the "ICB4 for an Agile World" (Individual Competence Baseline v. 4 as official IPMA document).

The course teaches theory, case studies and application of methodes in project management. Theory focuses on all 29 competence elements with 5 Perspective Competences, 10 People Compenteces and 14 Practices Competences.

SPECIAL: IPMA Level D Agile certification fees are free!
At InnoHub, you not only benefit from our vast experience with which we have successfully prepared countless people over the years for the IPMA Level D Agile Associate certification of the VZPM. You also receive the certification fees worth CHF 400 free of charge.

Thus, our IPMA Level D course offers you an absolute top package for your project management training!

IPMA Level D Agile Project Management

The project management training IPMA Level D agile associate is blended: on site in Baar you learn 3 days togheter with the instructor and group. In between, you will acquire knowledge in e-learning self-tuition with modern learning videos. Afterwards, you'll prepare yourself 2x ½ day in an online course with the instructor and group just for the IPMA Level D certification to pass the final online exam of 3 hours.

Contents: IPMA Level D Course

Project Management Introduction: Theory & Basics
What is a project, magic triangle cost - time - quality, waterfall model in project management
Project start and organization
Roles: Project manager, employees and client, staff, matrix and pure project organizations
Planning and project controlling
Clarification of starting position and procedure, definition of goals & success factors, risk, quality assurance
Project marketing and risk management
Awareness and support via presentations, homepage, newsletter and events, error culture and risk
Problem solving methods
What goal does the project serve and how to deal with goal obstacles in project management
Stakeholder influence on the project
People who are affected by the project and have a positive, negative or neutral attitude towards it.
Project leadership and successful completion
Leadership styles and review of project goals: Deadlines, costs, outcome

Certification Preparation
In the two ½-days of online certification preparation, you will review content relevant to Level D from the swiss.ICB4 Competence Baseline and solve exam-like tasks. You reflect on solutions, close knowledge gaps and know the requirements to pass the online exam.

The course dates indicate the 3 basic course days as well as the 2 exam preparation half-days and the final exam date (3 hours from 09:00-12:00).

Benefits: IPMA Level D course and certification

Experts agree that project management is one of the indispensable skills in the world of work 4.0. This is because complexities are increasing worldwide and, to the same extent, projects are affected that require capable project managers.

By the end of this course, participants understand the main values and principles of agile projects. They are ready to run agile projects using a set of proposed documents to organize work and increase team productivity. Special attention is devoted to scrum, the main agile framework in the market.

With the IPMA Level D Agile Associate certification, successful participants obtain an internationally recognized qualification that increases their attractiveness on the job market.

Participants in our IPMA Level D courses also benefit from a CHF 400 discount, as InnoHub covers the costs of the VZPM IPMA Level D certification.

Target group for IPMA D Agile

The project management training is ideal for people of all levels who want to acquire project management skills or who already have project experience and want to deepen it (project staff, project managers or beginners). Neither the VZPM nor InnoHub set any prerequisites for attending the course.

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IPMA Level D Agile Associate Certification



CHF 2990 (instead of CHF 3390 - certification fee is offered)



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